ExcelU - Win All Four

Most scholar-athletes have as a goal to play the sport of their choice for a college or university, usually with an athletic scholarship. In order to do this, they must be NCAA eligible. An unfortunate occurrence is that many lack the academic acumen for this to happen. Thus, the important remedy of ExcelU that differentiates it from other programs – the Win All Four component. The brainchild of Mike Kostoff, an educator/coach who saw student after student get their collegiate athletic hopes dashed due to academic missteps, Win All Four is a comprehensive tool that allows students, counselors, coaches and parents anticipate and monitor the academic needs to be NCAA eligible. With plan of actions directed for each year of high school, Win All Four is unique in that planning for college is proactive, rather than reactive. It recognizes the pitfalls that students often fall into, with practical methods to avoid them.