ExcelU - High School

ExcelU focuses on key principles that were created by founder, former NBA player, Willie Burton. His foundation of - Learn. Play. Win Together. - fulfills a need to provide students and student-athletes to have personal and professional skills and exposure to become successful. ExcelU curriculum, works to discover students hidden talent with the lessons taught in ExcelU. 

The program's diversity expands to include all student-scholars from elementary through high school. Our internal and external supporting team is comprised of former student-athletes and student-scholars who have dedicated themselves to help prepare today’s students to excel in any field of their choosing, including athletics.

In today’s education foundation, a variety of systems have been created to allow what is known as healthy competition. As the educational system progresses students, athletes, and institutions will become even more competitive, and the need for effective methods of teaching will increase. 

The vision of ExcelU is focused on providing curriculum that guides schools, communities, and families in methods and strategies needed to promote academic success and personal wellness in athletes, students and beyond.