LGBT Youth: From Trauma to Belonging (2nd Edition)

LGBT Youth: Trauma to Belonging (2nd Edition)  is a course that was designed for professionals working in schools and organizations that serve children and adolescents identifying with the LGBT+ community. The course provides information related to working with LGBT+ young people. Topics include: rejection experienced by LGBT+ youth, the “crisis of belonging” experienced by LGBT+ youth, the trauma of rejection and its effects, using “The Five Shifts” to connect with and understand fellow members of the human family, The Oneness of Humankind, and various other skills, tools, and tips for being an ally to LGBT+ young people. Leaving this course, participants will be armed with the knowledge and tools to support the children/students they serve.

Note: LGBT Youth: Trauma to Belonging (2nd Edition)  counts as an elective toward achieving a Starr Commonwealth professional certification. Click here to learn more!